The gender gap in technology is huge, which is surprising to many since women are in fact slightly more than half of the world’s population. Research shows that by 2018, the IT industry will need to fill 1.4 Million jobs; if we aren’t leveraging half of the talent pool, then our businesses are at risk.

Below are some videos, articles and books that are helpful in understanding 1) why there is a gap and 2) how we can potentially narrow it.


  • Helping Bridge the Gender Gap in Computing Careers
  • Why are Women not pursuing tech jobs?

  • Articles:

  • Women in IT, the Facts
  • Sheryl Sandberg Presents: Deeply Troubling Stats About Women 
  • AP Test Shows Wide Gender Gap in Computer Science, Physics

  • Books:

  • LeanIn

  • SAWIT is committed to helping others find the resources they need to empower them for a successful career in any STEM field.


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